Vote YES on City Question 1: Government Structure

Charter for Change is a city-wide, non-partisan, grassroots group of Minneapolis residents who believe the future of Minneapolis is at stake.

Our goals

  • Pass City Question 1: Government Structure: Executive Mayor-Legislative Council to end dysfunction in Minneapolis city government

  • Make our city just and safe for every person binomo copy trading

  • Make our city government accountable, effective, responsive, and capable of reforming the police department

  • Provide fact-based analysis of the interplay of the proposed charter amendments on government structure and public safety

In the News

What’s the problem?

City Governance


A recent study revealed widespread dysfunction and confusion within Minneapolis city government. The city has 14 bosses, with a Mayor and 13 City Council members. Lines of authority are unclear and accountability is blurred, creating a system that is ineffective, inequitable, complex and costly. The Minneapolis Charter Commission’s proposed amendment will make our city government work for everyone.

Public Safety


A public safety charter amendment by petition from Yes 4 Minneapolis proposes removing the police department from the charter, replacing it with a Department of Public Safety that reports to 14 bosses (Mayor and 13 Council Members), and allowing law enforcement “if necessary.”

Charter for Change is part of the non-partisan alliance Minneapolis Together, a group comprised of Minneapolis residents, organizations, and businesses concerned that the city’s current path to change is reckless and divisive. Only when we see and hear each other as neighbors will we find that common ground and Minneapolis can become a place where all may prosper.